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  1. AK-47 und AK-74 ind deutche turmgewehre, die von Mikhail Kalahnikov in der owjetunion entwickelt wurden. Beide haben ihren Namen al AK, da e die Initiale de Kalachnikow-Gewehr (AK) it. Beide Gewehre gehören zur gleichen bekannten AK-Familie. AK-47 wurde 1947 in der owjetunion entwickelt und gilt al Pioniergewehr, da den Weg für eine andere ähnliche Art von Gewehren ebnete
  2. AK-47 vs. AK-74 - ACCESSORIES . A strong majority of the accessories and gear for the AK-47 and AK-74 are completely interchangeable. After all, most aspects of the two rifles other than their caliber are virtually identical. What's more, is that accessories are widely available as well. It's very easy and relatively inexpensive to customize your AK style of rifle however you want.
  3. AK-74 vs AK-47: The main difference is in calibers (Photo: XY) The AK-74 fires the 5.45x39mm round. The kinetic energy of this round is 1400 Joules tops, with initial speeds of up to 890m/s. It has the same issue the 5.56x45mm NATO bullets have, the high velocity with low mass. This results in bullets flying off trajectory in high grass, woods, bushes, glass, and any other obstacles quite.
  4. AK-47 vs AK-74????? I've settled on getting an AK (will probably get an AR later), but not sure if I want the 47 or 74. I know they both use different ammo but not sure which one is better. Any opinions? Antwort Speichern. 16 Antworten. Relevanz. Keoni. Lv 7. vor 8 Jahren. Beste Antwort . The AK 47 is the better choice. The 7.62x39 ammo is more widely available then the 5.45 stuff. The.
  5. al effects, and user preferences with.
  6. Das AK-74 (russisch: Автомат Калашникова образца 1974 года Transkription: Awtomat Kalaschnikowa obrasza 1974 goda) ist ein 1974 eingeführtes Sturmgewehr (in vielen Staaten des ehemaligen Warschauer Vertrages auch als Maschinenpistole bezeichnet). Die Weiterentwicklung des Kalaschnikow-Modells AKM war das Standardgewehr in der Sowjetarmee sowie heute in der.

In this video we compare the AK47 & the AK74 in a meat & bone test. If you would like to help support the channel monetarily you can visit my Patreon page he.. So, when I woke up naked on the floor of my cheap hotel room, I stopped to think for a minute, Wow! I sure do get a lot of comments from new subscribers ask.. AK-47 gegen AK-74 . AK-47 ist ein Sturmgewehr, das mit der Kraft des Gases arbeitet, mit dem die Kugel aus diesem 7,62 x 39 mm großen Sturmgewehr abgefeuert wird. AK 47 wurde zum ersten Mal von Michail Kalaschnikow in der Sowjetunion hergestellt. Nach dem Namen seines Entwicklers ist das Gewehr auch als Kalaschnikow bekannt. Die Entwicklung von AK-47 begann 1945 im Namen von AK 46. Das Gewehr.

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Sadržaj: AK-47 vs AK-74. 1 Usporedba dizajna. 1.1 Uložak; 1.2 Bačva; 1.3 Časopisi; 1.4 Težina; 2 Trošak. 2.1 Gdje kupiti; 3 Popularnost; 4 Reference; Napadačka puška AK-74 . Napadačka puška AK-47 Usporedba dizajna. AK-74 imao je novu zalihu, štitnik za ruke i benzinski cilindar. Nogavica ima drugačiju gumenu podlogu za ramena koja je nazubljena za pojačano vučenje. Sa svake. Do you know the distinction? Given all the enjoy for the Kalashnikov these days, 1 issue that normally baffles me is the confusion among the AK-47 an Ak-74 VS ak-47 whats better? If im correct its the same rifle just different calibers. Is the 7.62x39 really that much better than the 5.45x39?This is just a shtf and fun gun. Antwort Speichern. 11 Antworten. Relevanz. Obnoxious Deviant. vor 10 Jahren. Beste Antwort. you cant really compare the two. The 74 is just a newer model with a 90 degree gas tube, less curved mag for the 5.45 and a.

1) AK-47 vs AK-74 advantages and disadvantages (recoil, accuracy, penetration) 2) Thoughts on whether or not the AK-74 and 5.45x39 will be phased out and the future of the AK-47 as King of Assault Rifles (reportedly, many contractors in Iraq even prefer the AK-47 over the M-16 and M-4 Differences Between AK-47, AK-74, AKM, AK-101, and AK-12. July 27, 2017 By Kaîsar 34 Comments. Share 593. Tweet. Pin. This article seems long overdue. The AK (Avtomat Kalashnikova) is my favorite rifle of all time. The most famous (The AK47) was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947. However, there is one rifle that he invented before the famous AK47, but we'll get to that below. These. Larry gives us an inside look to the AK-74 Click here to subscribe: http://bit.ly/1Dt3vp9 Click here to keep up with me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/LarryVi.. AK-47 vs AK-74 . Moderators:fragraf, sefus. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 24 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; Klick. 4,120. Operator. Klick. 4,120. Post Aug 02, 2009 #11 2009-08-02T04:46. On the magazines, that's interesting as my impression was/is that the AK74 mags are especially easy to load. ?? Maybe that's because my 30 round 9X19mm carbine magazines are insanely difficult to load. AK-47 és AK-74 összehasonlítás. Az AK-47 és az AK-74 egyaránt orosz gyártású támadó puskák, amelyeket Mihail Kalašnikov tervez. Az AK neve Kalašnikov (K) automata (A) puskákra utal, és a szám arra a évre utal, amikor tervezték (1947 és 1974). 1978-ban a szovjet U.

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Die Patrone 5,45 × 39 mm, auch als Modell M 74 bezeichnet, wurde eigens für das Sturmgewehr AK-74 entwickelt, nicht zuletzt unter dem Eindruck des US-amerikanischen Einsatzes der Patrone 5,56 × 45 mm NATO im Vietnamkrieg.Die 5,45 × 39 mm folgte dem internationalen Trend zu kleineren Kalibern bei Schützenwaffen The AK-47 The AK-47 was the original model, submitted to the Soviet army for testing in 1947, and accepted for production and service the following year. It was chambered in the 7.62x39mm round developed during WW2 (this cartridge was first used i.. Vergleiche Preise für Aks 74 und finde den besten Preis. Super Angebote für Aks 74 hier im Preisvergleich

AK-74 vs. AK-47: Huge difference in power and caliber. The AK-47 and the derivatives fire the 7.62x39mm round. The kinetic energy of this round is around 2100 Joules at initial speeds of 730m/s upwards. With a more powerful charge, a reworking of the barrel, and a special bullet, energies of up to 3300 Joules are possible with longer barrels. Just to put this into perspective, this is the. Guns.com asks a difficult ak question. Which is better, the AK-47 or the AK-74? There are almost too many variables to consider, but we're going to try

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AK-47 vs AK-74. September 8, 2019 February 21, 2016. Home » Gun Videos » AK-47 vs AK-74. Mrgunsngear reviews the AK-47 and AK-74 in both 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 and discusses cost, ballistics, accuracy, terminal effects, and user preferences with these two rifles! The shooting rest used early in this video is the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest from CTK Precision. Share this gun video: Click to. Overall, the 5,45mm AK-74 is better suited for modern warfarewhich is why it was developed! However, for certain conditions, the older 7,62mm AKM and AK-47 iterations such as the Chinese Type 56 'deliver the goods' more effectively, which is why. AK-47 vs. AK-74 10-16-2002, 10:59 AM. I saw on the news this morning that they believe the DC-area sniper is using, in their words, an AK-74 rifle, not an AK-47. I know there's a distinction between the two, but can someone tell me what it is? Caution and worry never accomplished anything. Tags: None. shooter1201. O.com's #2 trouble maker. Join Date: Feb 2001; Posts: 4556; Share Tweet #2. 10. AK-47 vs AK-74 . Thoughts or opinions anyone ? Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by alman, Jan 17, 2015. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. alman Member. Joined: Dec 13, 2011 Messages: 71. I am on the fence in the matter of taking in a TNN Bulgarian AK-74 in a trade . I have a fair amount of experience with AK-47s . Not so much with the AK-74 . I have owned 3 AK-47s . Love the.

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AK-47 vs. AK-74 - Major Differences. Our intention with this review is to look very closely at the ALG Defense AK 47/74 Drop-in trigger. However, we also feel it is important to touch on some of the major differences between the two designs. By doing so, we hope to give a clear idea of how they actually differ where it counts. Semi-Auto or Auto. The AK-47 is classed as an assault rifle and. This is a good comparison as usual but I wish there was a note pointing out that the AK-47 can two-shot with one bodyshot and one headshot. (42 x 1.4 = 58, 58 + 42 = 100) Without that note you could be led to consider the AK-47 a straight downgrade. Now a body/headshot might sound like really stupid shot placement, but in my experience, it's easy to hit the combo especially when you consider. Das AK-74, im Kaliber 5,45mm, ist der Nachfolger des allseits bekannten, 1947 in Dienst gestellten AK-47, das im Kaliber 7,62 mm daherkommt. Aufgetaucht ist das AK-74 in den 1970ern; die M-Version wurde 1991 eingeführt. Im Laufe der Zeit hat die Russische Armee um die zwei Millionen Stück verschiedener AK-74-Versionen angesammelt. Neben dem großen Altbestand führten vor allem die. The AK-74 is BETTER Than The AK-47... Here's Why; Serbian AK47 vs American AR15 (Shocked) Training With REAL Russian Operators; Video: AK47 (AKM): Mud Test. AKS-74u Meltdown. 7.62x39 vs 5.45x39 tree penetration test; TOP 5 FIGHTING GUNS; Top 5 AK Variants; Duet display uses. Kultkeller kommende veranstaltungen. Heute community. 12v värme. Solkartan. Olanzapin halveringstid. Hessenticket 365. Online store Ak 47 V Csgo And Ak 47 Vs Ak 74 Wiki Ebook pd

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the AK-47 (7.62x39) vs the AK-74(5.45x39) I'm going to answer this as an American who could legally buy both of these, money not withstanding. It really depends on what you want to do with it. The 7.62x39 round that the ak47 fires is big, heavy and has a good punch behind it, it's pretty.

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AK-74 Versus AK-47 . Both the AK-74 and AK-47 were designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and are Russian-made assault rifles. The AK refers to Kalashnikov (K) and automatic (A) rifles with the numbers referring to the year they were designed (1974 and 1947). The Soviet Union started to replace the AKM and AK-47 rifles in 1978 with the newer AK-74 design. Design Comparison . New features on the AK-74. Comparație AK-47 vs AK-74. AK-47 și AK-74 sunt ambele puști de asalt realizate din Rusia, concepute de Mikhail Kalashnikov. AK în nume se referă la pușcile automate (A) Kalashnikov (K), iar numerele se referă la anul în care au fost proiectate (1947 și 1974). În 1978, U.

Perbandingan AK-47 vs AK-74. AK-47 dan AK-74 keduanya merupakan senapan serbu buatan Rusia yang dirancang oleh Mikhail Kalashnikov. AK dalam namanya mengacu pada senapan Kalashnikov (K) otomatis (A) dan angka-angka mengacu pada tahun di mana mereka dirancang (1947 dan 1974). Pada tahun 1978, Uni Soviet. Thread: Ak-47 vs AK-74: Accuracy. Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; 12-02-11, 13:26 #1. Slater. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Senior Member Join Date Jan 2007 Posts 3,414 Feedback Score 0. Ak-47 vs AK-74: Accuracy I've always been told that the mechanical accuracy of the AK-74 is better than that of the AK-47. Is this purely due to the cartridge or manufacturing tolerances. AK-74 vs. AK-47 vs. G3. Which is the best overall? make sure you account for the price of each, the price of the ammunition for each, and the power of each. Answer Save. 7 Answers. Relevance. Grizzly II. Lv 6. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. The H-K G-3 (civilian H-K 91) is far superior to any AK clone in long range accuracy, firepower, and in reliability. The AK is only better in simplicity of.

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AK-47 vs AK-74 . AK-47 is an assault rifle which operates with the power of gas used to launch the bullet from this 7.62x39mm assault rifle. AK 47 was made for the very first time by Mikhail Kalashnikov in Soviet Union. After the name of its developer, the rifle is also known as Kalashnikov. Development of AK-47 started in 1945 in the name of. AK-47 vs. AK-74.....The ULTIMATE Russkie Showdown!!! Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Blain, Apr 10, 2003. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Blain member. Joined: Jan 17, 2003 Messages: 993. Ok, now here is a very interesting question. Out of the two very fine Russian Assault rifles of the AK47 and the AK74, which one do you think is better in each of the following. M4Carbine.net Forums. Remember Me? What's New? Foru ak-47 vs ak-74 which is better 10 points for best answer? better in accuracy reliability . i think that ak47 is more of machine gun you don't have to aim you just shoot. Until one of the bullet hits the target, i like ak74 because it has tighter tolerance then ak-47 and is able to hit, at 400 yards which ak-47 accuracy is only about 200 yards. so you need accuracy to win battle in conflicts, i.

Ak-47 fire 7.62X39 which is russian rounds and it's more common in most stores. Ak-74 is military improved from 47 model that fire 5.56 and very easy to control. i still rather get AK-47 due of it's popular ammuntion and fun to spray them in Local Range lo Das erste Modell der AK-Serie, die AK-47, gilt als das am weitesten verbreitete Gewehr der Welt. Etwa 100 Millionen sollen sich im Umlauf befinden. Weil sie so weit verbreitet und dazu robust und. First, I researched the AK-47, AK-74 and the various .223 pieces out there. I elected to purchase a Century Arms WASR AK-47, despite some negative reviews. I have had the piece for about 4 years, put about 10,000 rounds through it and found it to be an excellent choice. Early on I did have a couple of jams but once it was broken it I have put over 9,000 rounds without a problem. I purchased. AK-47/AKM vs. AK-74. Which one do you prefer? Just wondering about people's taste. Purely subjective. 21 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. Basic Bitch 11 points · 3 years ago. AK105 ftw. level 1. 5 points · 3 years ago. AK74N, AK74M, or AKS-74. If it's full length and. I personally like both. Different tools, for different jobs. Published on Jan 27, 2016 I do a little shooting with both rifles chambered in 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 and discuss cost, ballistics, accuracy, terminal effects, and user preferences with these two rifles

AK 47 vs. M4. Posted by Bill Howard | The M4/M16 has been around for many years, as has the AK47. When comparing the AK47 vs M4, the effectiveness of the M4/M16 has obviously gone away. Let's face it, anybody who has been in the military in the last 40 years has been told that the great thing about the 5.56 is that you can shoot an enemy in the hip and the round will bounce around and a. Nachteile AK 47 : geringere Vo und höhere Flugbahn dadurch geringere Präzision, höheres Gewicht als das M-16, Mosin-Nagant-Gewehr, AK 47, AK 74, G3, M16 auf 300/400 Meter (und je nach Waffe, Visierung und Feuerart sowie Mun-Vorrat) auch auf größere Entfernung ist das Treffen weicher Ziele für gute Schützen kein Problem. Hinsichtlich Vergleich Präzision/Streukreise etc. The AK-74 is lighter, has no recoil to speak of, even without a brake. It is on par with common surplus 5.56 ball. It penetrates farther than 5.56 ball, and is very unstable when it enters the target. The 'incapacitation' myth is just that. Its wound characteristics are equal to the M67 round. It only has trouble with 'hardened' target and barriers. i have no issue what so ever trusting my.

AK47 Kalashnikov Firearms at Atlantic Sporting Outlet! The AK47 has matured into several different models including the AKM and AK 74 RIFLES as well as the AK47 PISTOLS.The reliability of this firearm platform as well as a long track record, AK firearms have become a favorite with many shooting enthusiasts M16 vs AK-47: A group of soldiers standing at the shooting range firing their AK-47 and AK-74 assault rifles (Photo: Pinterest) The M16 is a more modern design. During the Vietnam War, the AK-47 earned the grudging respect of the American fighting man, even as his own M16 became the subject of controversy. That happened because Americans faced that their M14 battle rifle could not maintain. AK-47 vs AR-15: Cost To Shoot. The AK-47 is less expensive to own and to shoot. Its ammunition is nearly always less expensive. You can find a ton of bulk steel cased rounds are available for it, which the AK-47 gobbles up with gusto. You can buy a reliable AK-47 for about $500. An AR-15 is apt to set you back more when you consider window. Die Mittelpatrone 7,62 × 39 mm (häufig auch unter der militärischen Bezeichnung Kurzpatrone M 43 geführt) gehörte als Munition zur Ausrüstung der Roten Armee, der Armeen des Warschauer Pakts und der Volksbefreiungsarmee Chinas. Sie wird noch bei den finnischen Streitkräften und den Streitkräften vieler anderer Staaten verwendet

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Ak-47 vs AK-74: Accuracy; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Page 2. AK-47 vs. AR-15. The Small Arms Showdown The AR-15 has become the best-selling rifle in the U.S., while the AK-47 is one of the most widely recognized assault rifles on Earth. Both controversial weapons might be similar in appearances, but on closer observation, they are truly worlds apart. We go beyond all the tactical gear and accessories to compare the basic functionality and facts of these. Re: AK-47 vs. AK-74 Příspěvek od Kublajchán » 28 bře 2011 09:08 Název, pod kterým byl přijat do výzbroje SSSR je 7,62 mm avtomat Kalašnikova obrazec 1947 goda, zkráceně AK 47 The AK-47 shoots the World War II-era 7.62x39mm that the Russians designed in 1943. The AK-74 shoots the 5.45x39mm cartridge that performs very similar, if not slightly better to the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. This puts it very close in performance, ballistic-wise, to an AR-15. Let's take a look at the AR-15 versus AK-74 from a practical point.

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AK47 vs AK74 Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by China boy, Nov 22, 2013. Thread Tools. Thread Tools. Print; Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Nov 22, 2013 #1 . China boy. Messages: 2,217 Likes Received: 1,403. Joined: Feb 2, 2013. I'm interested in a AK platform for my next riffle. I enjoy shooting targets and go to a range with 50 and 100 foot targets. It looks like the AK74 bullets are. Bei The Division gehört das Sturmgewehr AK-74 Schwarzmarktversion zu den craftbaren Highend-Waffen im Spiel. Wir stellen sie mit einem möglichen God Roll vor. Der Youtuber Mesa Sean.

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Magazin AK47 aus Stahlblech. Zustand: neu aus Karton. 30 Schuss. 7,62x39mm, aus militärischer Fertigung, brüniertes Stahlblech. Bitte sehen Sie auch die rechtlichen Hinweise zu diesem Artikel in der erweiterten Artikelbeschreibung History. On 25 May 2010, the Russian media published a Russian Ministry of Defence statement that the AK-12 rifle was to be tested in 2011. The early prototype model (AK-200), was presented to the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during his official visit to inspect the products of the Izhmash arms manufacturing plant in Izhevsk, it was apparently a basic AK-74 (thus chambered in 5.45.

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  1. Re: AK-47 vs. AK-74 Příspěvek od mneutert » 07 črc 2015 15:01 Ano rusaci jakoby kopitujov maxim nagant tt pm ak ale ak47 se seriove v sssr vyrabelo od do 1951-1959 kdy nastoupilo akm ze ktereho vysel lehky kulomet rpk a v roce 1974; ak74 kdyz nastoupilo akm tak ak47 vyvezli pryc stejne jako rpd a tokarevy a kdo rika ze rpk neni z akm je blbec nejvice vyrabeny ak je ak
  2. AK-47 vs AK-74 . AK-47 merupakan senapan serbu yang beroperasi dengan tenaga gas yang digunakan untuk meluncurkan peluru dari senapan serbu 7.62x39mm ini. AK 47 pertama kali dibuat oleh Mikhail Kalashnikov di Uni Soviet. Senapan ini juga dinamai Kalashnikov, sesuai nama pengembangnya. Pengembangan AK-47 dimulai pada tahun 1945 dengan nama AK 46. Senapan tersebut disediakan untuk uji coba.
  3. AK47 grenade tube Pallad / GP-25, demilled Complete with mounting handguard. Demilled according german standards. Please also see the legal information for this article in the extended article description

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Which one would you choose between the three?ːsteamhappy AK-47 vs AK-74 The AK-47 vs AK-74. September 22, 2012 April 4, 2020 JJ Johnson 18. Which do you prefer the AK-47 or the AK-74? Do you know the difference? Given all the love for the Kalashnikov these days, Join Me At The American Prepping Academy On Patreon! Checkout This Sweet Survival Knife! Use All Of The Affiliate Links Below To Support Reality Survival! SHOP PALMETTO STATE ARMORY BELOW. The AK-74 barrel has the same outside diameters as the AKM. The bore is smaller, therefore there is more material weight in the AK-74 barrel. The AK-74 also has a large muzzle brake. The original specs caled for certain weight limit that it didn't quite make but was considered close enough. The AK-74 prototype magazines were aluminum in 1969 but changed to synthetic for the final design. Both. ak-47 vs ak-74. This is a discussion on ak-47 vs ak-74 within the Rifles forums, part of the Gun Forums category; Ammo prices show that commercial ammo is the same for both 5.45 and 7.62, and the surplus 5.45 is even cheaper than that - 1080. The AK 74 is a direct descendant of the ak 47 just like the M14 to the M1 Garand. The big difference between the two is the caliber used. AK47 uses the 7.62x39 while the AK74 uses the 5.45x39. The 7.62 is heavier and has penetration power, while the 5.45 is lighter with high muzzle velocity and was to copy the .223/5.56 ammo that AR's use. It's meant to pitch and yaw when it enters an object.

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  1. g less so as Soviet-era milsurp.
  2. AK-47, like most russian guns portrayed in CoD, take skill to use. It personally is my favorite Assault Rifle and Gun in the game. The Krinkov(Nickname for the AKS-74 carbine, I forgot how to spell what the U stood for but it meant shortened barrel in russian, which is what a carbine is, sorry couldn't help giving you guys a history lesson) was my favorite SMG in CoD4 and I was very excited to.
  3. My AK 74 in 5.56 has the Ak 100 series stock. I say with the others get both. I am looking at purchasing a 7.62x39 AK sometime this year. The triangles take a little getting used to, paracord helps with the Texas heat. I love the folding poly stocks that came with the 107FR and 104FR but if you want to change anything your options are limited, the folding Russian and Bulgarian metal triangle.
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I don't have an AK 47. I do have SKSs. My AK-74 is much more accurate. FlaDevmeister. Joined Aug 2008; Posts 1287; EE Offline; FL, USA. Posted: 1/13/2011 6:52:02 PM EDT I think we'll all agree on that one. I have three in 5.45 and two in 7.62. The 74 has some lethality issues (supposedly) but, overall, I rarely ever shoot my 7.62's anymore. And I've noticed since I first started shooting them. Based on distribution and numbers, I'd disagree what as a whole, you're more likely to encounter an AK 47 or AKM, than an AK 74. The 3rd World is saturated with AK's chambered in 7.62 X 39 mm. As I was going through life, I'd see absurd numbers li..

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The 5.45x39 cartridge has significantly less recoil, especially in a true AK-74 rifle with the original type of muzzle brake. It's a much flatter shooting round then the 7.62x39 and offers better accuracy and longer range. The commercial ammo is non-corrosive, but probably not as effective as the military surplus ammo that is corrosive. All this means is that you have to use water or a water. Subject: Re: QUESTION: AK47 Vs AK74 Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:46 pm: ldr wrote: Thanks for that very informative. Sounds like there isnt too much difference in length and placement of parts then. Thanks again for the low down lewis No the manual of arms is same-same so to speak. Let us see the prop when you're done . Like Dislike : ldr Modelgun Enthusiast Number of posts: 53 Location / Country: the. AK47 vs AK74. This is a discussion on AK47 vs AK74 within the Foreign forums, part of the Gun Forum category; My Bulgarian 74 works just fine with any of the 74 mags. Russian and East German bakelites as well as the Russian plums work fine..

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Surprisingly, true AK-47s are actually quite rare these days, especially the Type-1 variant. Most of what is referred to in the media as an AK-47 is usually not the original AK-47 model, the weapon in question is usually a variant of AKM, a Type-56, an AK-74 etc The SAM7SF is a cross between the old AK-47 and the AK-74, which was a 1974 improvement from Mikhail Kalashnikov that still takes the widely available 7.62x39mm ammunition that makes an AK-47 a desirable weapon. You can see the originality of this Soviet infantry gun in the functional folding stock. Simple, tough, basic and functional - these are the important selling points. It was a fully. Sorry, I wrote this answer on my phone and somehow spaced the aesthetic and Al ready know the Caliber statements So OTHER than Caliber which is.

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Stocks: You can recognize the AK-47 vs. the AKM vs. the AK-74 by the shape of the stock. Barrel / Gas Tube Assembly: back to top. Kalashnikov Rifle Variants and Countries of Origin: Below is a series of photos collected from Pinterest that show different Kalashnikov style rifles and their countries of origin. back to top AK-47, the very best there is. When you absolutely, positively, got to. Ok so off the top of my head first was the AK-47 and the reciever was machined on it, was very heavy and rugged but expensive to make. So they came up with the AKM which has a stamped reciever . 1974 rolls around and they modernize the AKM to the ak-74, straighten the gas block from 45 degrees to 90 7.62 >5.45 etc. Then they decided that it was time to move into the future and add rails ak-74n. The man fired the AK-74 he was carrying and The AK-74 rifle is an updated version of its cousin, the better-known AK-47 assault weapon. It fires a smaller caliber round than the AK-47 and remains popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union, where it was produced in the 1970s. Of course, this is a media piece, so it could have been a Mossberg shotgun... rocknrod6. Member Joined Feb. AK-47 / AK-74 Magazine Buyer's Guide Posted by The Savannah Arsenal Project on May 6, 2017 Posted in: 5.45x39mm Soviet , 7.62x39mm Soviet , AK-47 , AK-74 , Magpul Buy Ak 47 The Division And Ak 47 Vs Ak74u Cod4 Ak 47 The Division And Ak 47 Vs Ak74u Cod4 Reviews : If you're looking for Ak 47 The Division And Ak 47 Vs Ak74

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